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Attention! Disinformation is spreading

<strong>Attention! Disinformation is spreading</strong>

Ukrainian social networks are spreading a fake that Ukrenergo allegedly said: «In Kyiv it can stop turning off the lights in a week». 

❗️This information is not true and only misleads the residents of Kyiv.

Ukrenergo has already written an official refutation of this information.

🔸According to V. Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Management Board of the Transmission System Operator NPC Ukrenergo, only scheduled power outages are predicted in Kyiv and seven regions of the country, provided that the situation does not worsen and there are no new damages.

🔻Many Telegram channels spread this statement with an incorrect interpretation and later wrote refutations on their own messages.

❗️Trust only official sources with verified information.


  • 18 November, 2022

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