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4 December 2022 |

«Surrender of Kherson» as next kremlin’s disinformation

The kremlin’s disinformation campaign regarding the retreat of the occupiers from the Right Bank of the Kherson Region has been revealed. ❌ russians made «informational noise» around the issue of the disappearance of the russian flag raised above the Kherson City Council. k.stremousov’s informed about the withdrawal of the russian…

4 December 2022 |

Russian propaganda spreads the disinformation that Ukraine has imported infected blood

Russian propaganda spreads the disinformation about the fact that due to the situation at the front, Ukraine needs donated blood, and allegedly asked NATO for it. ✴️ As reported by the russian mass media after checking of the allegedly donated blood, its infection was revealed, which, according to the propagandists,…

4 December 2022 |

Enemy disinformation attack

In order to reduce the level of information negativity due to the de-occupation of Kherson, the enemy spreads the following disinformation messages: ❌ «The surrender of Kherson is a deliberate strategic plan of the russian military command» ✅ According to the President of Ukraine, «no one just goes anywhere», that…

4 December 2022 |

Attention! Disinformation is spreading

Ukrainian social networks are spreading a fake that Ukrenergo allegedly said: «In Kyiv it can stop turning off the lights in a week».  ❗️This information is not true and only misleads the residents of Kyiv. Ukrenergo has already written an official refutation of this information. 🔸According to V. Kudrytskyi, Chairman…

4 December 2022 |

Russia spreads the fake about massive power cut due to its selling

Russia spreads the fake about massive power cut due to its selling The enemy spreads disinformation about the alleged export of Ukrainian electricity to European countries ‼️But, as reported in Governor of Kyiv region, such information isn’t true. With the help of such messages, russia is trying to mislead Ukrainians…

4 December 2022 |

The enemy plans to conduct an operation «under a borrowed flag» on the territory of Belarus 

🚀 The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published a video appeal to Belorussians, in which they warn that russians may prepare provocations in Belarus with the aim of drawing it into a war against Ukraine ‼️Objects of critical infrastructure, in particular the Belarusian nuclear power plant may…

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