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1 June 2023 |

The enemy is spreading a fake cover of Spanish satirical magazine

❌ Fake! Enemy TG-channels are distributing a fake cover of the Spanish satirical magazine El jueves with the title of the issue «What counteroffensive? The first thing for us is to eat and eat!» 🔸The enemy assures that the magazine allegedly mocks the words of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr…

29 May 2023 |

Hostile TG-channels are spreading a fake photo with a portrait of Joe Biden in Ukrainian school

❌ Fake! Hostile TG-channels are distributing a photo allegedly from the office of the director of one of the Ukrainian schools, on the wall of which there are two portraits – Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden ✅ Actually! Evidences that Joe Biden’s image was added using a photo editor: 🔸…

26 May 2023 |

The russian propaganda is spreading a fake about the involvement of the foreign militaries in the war

🔻 A fake document allegedly from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the involvement of the troops  with the multinational contingent in russia’s war against Ukraine is spreading in the Polish media space 🔸 The fake document refers to the alleged creation of conditions for the…

26 May 2023 |

The enemy is trying to take off responsibility for terrorist attack in Dnipro

🔻 propagandists are actively spreading the narrative that Ukrainian air defense has redirected a russian missile that hit a hospital in Dnipro ❗️This information is untrue and fake 🔸 For plausibility, the propagandists even indicated that the target of the rocket was supposedly a car repair plant 🔸 Such a…

25 May 2023 |

russian propaganda is spreading a fake allegedly Kyiv prepares an explosion on the nuclear object

🔻 The enemy is spreading disinformation that Kyiv is allegedly preparing a provocation with the detonation of a storage facility with spent nuclear fuel in Kharkiv 🔸propagandists are also trying to spread panic by saying that such a disaster will affect not only Ukraine, russia and Belarus, but even the…

25 May 2023 |

The enemy is spreading a fake cover of French publication

❌ Fake Enemy Telegram channels are spreading the cover of the French publication Courrier International, which allegedly depicts Ukrainian soldiers swimming down the river Styx, which in Greek mythology means «doomed to death». The title of the cover is «Ukrainian Counteroffensive on the River Styx» 🔻 The enemy stated that…

24 May 2023 |

The enemy disinforms about confiscation of the land from Ukrainians and its transfer to Poles

❌ Hostile TG channels are spreading the news that land plots and other real estate objects will be seized from Ukrainians for the construction or reconstruction of critical infrastructure facilities. The confiscated lands will also allegedly be given to Polish citizens on preferential terms. According to propagandists, this is stated…

17 April 2023 |

Russia deploys troops in southern Belarus, making the United States and the European Union “nervous”

The military equipment and units of the russian Armed Forces arriving in Belarus as part of joint military exercises (from February 10 to 20) are gradually being deployed in the southern part of Belarus, i.e., north of the Ukrainian border. This has raised concerns in society about the security situation…

17 April 2023 |

American media spread the message of an alleged misunderstanding between the leaders of the United States and Ukraine

Some American media outlets are spreading the message of an alleged misunderstanding between the leaders of the United States and Ukraine. In particular, CNN, citing sources in the United States and Ukraine, and Politico, citing Puck and NatSec Daily, claim that tensions are growing between Zelenskyy and Biden administration officials….

17 April 2023 |

The media of the temporarily occupied territories spread messages aimed at justifying the activities of the occupation administrations

Recently, several publications in the TOT (temporarily occupied territories) have spread a statement by US public figure and musician Chris Jackson Royce. The main messages were to justify the activities of the occupation administrations in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as to discredit Ukraine’s…

17 April 2023 |

Russia and Belarus accuse Ukraine of illegal intelligence activities

The pro-government media in Belarus and russia have launched an information and psychological special operation to discredit the Ukrainian government and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They accuse Ukraine of conducting illegal reconnaissance activities using UAVs over the Brest military training ground on January 24. As evidence, they are actively…

17 April 2023 |

Journalists of the French TV channel TF1 spread materials that discredit Ukraine in the international arena

Center for Countering Disinformation has revealed that a number of manipulative materials aimed at discrediting Ukraine in the international arena are being spread in the information space. On February 8, Liseron Boudoul, a journalist of the French TV channel TF1, and cameraman Gilles Parrot published a series of original materials…

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