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CCD explains the term “emotional fake”

CCD explains the term “emotional fake”

All or part of the text with a capital letter, exclamation marks (!!!), “100% info”, “urgent repost” – these are all signs of “emotional fake”.

Here is an example of an “emotional fake”:


LOZOVA HAS JUST BEEN SHELLED WITH MORTARS BY THE UKRAINIAN ARMY. There are dead, a small child is wounded, God, what a horror!!! Look at these photos!!! How could they not check that there are people in the houses? When will this war end? Who gave the order to shoot at civilians?!!! …

 Give preference to neutral messages without emotional coloring. A large number of emotionally colored words is a sign of manipulation.

 To avoid becoming a “victim” of manipulation, try to use only verified and official sources of information.

For more explanations of the terminology, see the Glossary prepared by the Center for Countering Disinformation in cooperation with the NSDC.

  • 12 April, 2023

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