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3 June 2024 |

Kremlin exploits children from occupied territories of Ukraine for propaganda

The kremlin continues to exploit children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine for propaganda purposes. In recent days, there has been a surge in manipulative and propaganda materials targeting children on the occasion of International Children’s Day. The enemy justifies the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by claiming they need…

3 June 2024 |

belarus continues its campaign to create tension on the border with Ukraine

belarus continues its campaign to create tension on the border with Ukraine, helping the kremlin in its information war. In particular, the first deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of belarus, Alaexander Khudoleev, announced that the Gomel region bordering Ukraine is ready to be put on wartime alert….

31 May 2024 |

How putin staged another show about the “happy occupation” with the participation of Mariupol residents

The hostile media widely spread vladimir putin’s communication with a large family from occupied Mariupol, during which the russian dictator lists “improvements” in the city, and people in the video nod kindly in response. ◾️ A large part of Mariupol remains in ruins, and its residents record video messages saying…

30 May 2024 |

russia uses children from TOT in propaganda to justify its own crimes

russia continues to use children from the occupied territories in its propaganda against Ukraine, trying to justify its own crimes. ru-propaganda has created a video about the “genocide of children in Ukraine,” which contains the following disinformation messages:   ◽️ “16-year-olds are being mobilized in Ukraine”;◽️ “The world accuses Zelenskyy of…

30 May 2024 |

How russia continues to blackmail the West

russia continues its policy of blackmailing the West, trying to disrupt arms supplies to our country and weaken its political support in the world. This is evidenced by statements from a new interview with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov, which is a mixture of manipulation and threats. In particular, the…

30 May 2024 |

CCD detected a hostile information campaign designated as “Dozor”

The Center for Countering Disinformation has identified a hostile information campaign codenamed «Dozor» launched by the russians to collect data on the personnel of the Defense Forces, including the TRC employees, military equipment, and logistical routes of their transportation, military facilities and critical infrastructure, etc. ◾️ Also, the «Dozor» project,…

29 May 2024 |

Why the enemy accuses the AFU of using chemical weapons

The enemy propaganda is actively spreading another statement by the russian defense ministry accusing the Ukrainian Defense Forces of using toxic substances against the russian military. In addition, the enemy’s propaganda resources are spreading information about the alleged intention of the Ukrainian military to use chemical warfare gases, including the…

29 May 2024 |

What do russian statements about “NATO nuclear exercises” mean

ru-propaganda spreads manipulations about the alleged existence of a nuclear threat from NATO to create the illusion that their threats to the West to use nuclear weapons are not aggressive behavior but a response to danger. ◾️ In particular, the head of the fsb border service, vladimir kulishov, said that…

28 May 2024 |

Why russia has launched an information campaign to mark the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the battle for Donetsk Airport

russia has launched a large-scale information campaign to mark the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the battle for Donetsk Airport, trying to shift the responsibility for the war on Kyiv. ▪️ As part of this campaign, enemy propaganda is actively covering commemorative events in the TOT and disseminates statements…

27 May 2024 |

What are the kremlin’s statements about “readiness for negotiation” worth

russian propaganda and vladimir putin personally continue to claim that Ukraine is “ready for negotiations” and “wants peace.” However, the real actions of the russian federation show that such statements are only an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for the aggressive war and war crimes, as well as an…

27 May 2024 |

russia continues to blame Ukraine for the attack in Crocus as part of a campaign to discredit the Peace Formula

fsb director bortnikov has admitted ISIS’ involvement in the attack, but continues to insist that Ukraine is to blame for this crime. Particularly, in his statement, he expressed the following disinformation messages: ◾️ “Ukrainian military intelligence was involved in the terrorist attack”;◾️ “Kyiv, having no chance on the battlefield, has…

24 May 2024 |

Why ru-propaganda offers russian passports to Kharkiv residents

The Center has recorded an enemy information campaign urging residents of Kharkiv and the region to apply for passports and move to russia, even though the russians lack the forces to attack the city. With such messages, russian propaganda aims to create the impression that there is a demand for…

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