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Why russia accuses Ukraine of terrorist attacks in Dagestan

Why russia accuses Ukraine of terrorist attacks in Dagestan

russian propaganda is actively spreading the statement from the head of Dagestan, sergei melikov, about Ukraine’s alleged involvement in a series of terrorist attacks on June 23, targeting religious institutions and the police.

▫️ In his address to the residents of the region, melikov claimed that Ukraine had an interest in the attacks. He connected the recent events to “smo” and characterized it as evidence that “the war has come to their homes.”

▫️ Propaganda bloggers’ reaction was also notable, as they attributed the events to a ‘Ukrainian trace’ even before any official statements were made.

Andriy Kovalenko, head of the Center for Countering Disinformation, suggests that the fsb is currently dealing with internal power struggles. He said that the terrorist attacks in Dagestan might have been orchestrated by one of these factions to oust fsb director alexander bortnikov. The internal turmoil within the fsb and its inability to counter threats could potentially escalate into a ‘third Caucasian war’ in the future.

“kadyrov is extremely weak in Chechnya, and there are also issues in Dagestan. This situation could gradually escalate into a third Caucasian war, when spheres of influence will be divided there,” emphasized Andriy Kovalenko.

The terrorist attacks in Dagestan mark another failure of the fsb. Similar to the Crocus terrorist attack, russia is once again pushing the propaganda narrative of ‘Ukrainian terrorism’ without providing any evidence.

russia justifies its security forces’ inability to ensure citizen safety and manage sensitive interethnic and interreligious issues within the country. It creates the illusion of a war with the entire Western world to further mobilize people into the army through fear tactics.

  • 25 June, 2024

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