23 July 2024 | Articles

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda in belarus. dmitry bochkov

The CCD continues its series of reports about the main perpetrators of anti-Ukrainian propaganda in belarus. Another influential propagandist in the country is dmitry bochkov, a presenter and media manager at one of the largest belarusian TV channels, OTN. ▫️ bochkov actively supports lukashenko’s regime and russia’s policy towards Ukraine....

17 July 2024 | Events

How russia uses social media for Information operations in the West and the Global South

Andriy Kovalenko, Head of the Center for Countering Disinformation and an officer of the Defense Forces, participated in the “Media and War: Media’s Influence on Consciousness” discussion at the Ideas Festival. The event was organized by The Aspen Institute Kyiv and Impact Hub Odesa. The festival brought together more than...

23 July 2024 | Results

How russia uses “youth forums” for propaganda in the Occupied Territories

How russia uses “youth forums” for propaganda in the temporarily occupied territories ⚡️ russian occupiers continue to invest large resources in propaganda targeting young people in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. One of the tools of this propaganda is the so-called youth forums, where the enemy tries to attract...

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