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The tendency of russia’s return to the Stalin era 

The tendency of russia’s return to the Stalin era 

putin returns to Stalin’s methods of terror in his own country

The State Duma of the russian federation adopted in the first reading a draft law, which increases the punishment under several articles of the Criminal Code, and, most importantly, introduces a new article concerning high treason.

The future article of the Criminal Code provides for punishment from 2 to 8 years of imprisonment with a fine of up to one million rubles for cooperation with foreign intelligence service and “international or foreign organization and their representatives”.

The way to distinguish a hostile foreign organization from the companion formulation is not explained in this article.

It is characteristic that criminal liability is exempted if the contact was sanctioned by the “competent authorities” of russia.

The wording of the article is ambiguous, as anyone who does not agree with the kremlin’s policy can be imprisoned for “activities against russia’s security” at the request of the investigation.

In fact, russia returns to the infamous Stalin’s “Article 58”, a symbol of the Stalinist era, when the conversation with a foreigner was equated with espionage and the court could impose punishment in the form of 10 years in concentration camps for such a contact.

According to this article about 3,7 million people, including more than 642 thousand gunned down, were sentenced by the Stalin regime in 1921-1953.

And there is even more. Close relatives of many sentenced, so-called family members of the “people enemies” were deprived of many rights, expelled from large cities, could not get a job and receive pensions.

So putin has yet to develop counter-revolutionary measures.

During the years of putin’s tenure, the rhetoric of the Stalin era has returned to the public information space, the opposition is more and more frequently called “enemies of the people” and non-governmental organizations are called “foreign agents.”

Rehabilitation of Stalin in russia is taking place against the background of putin’s aspirational turning towards authoritarianism, restriction of civil rights and freedoms.

Returning to Stalin’s methods, putin is trying to create a society in which any protest sentiments will become a criminal offense again.

The failure of the blitzkrieg in Ukraine, the “hunt for witches” in russia will allow the kremlin to appoint and punish the “guilty people for the defeat of the russian federation in the war” and thus direct the discontent of the nation in the “necessary” direction.

Explicitly returning to the practice of Stalin’s terror, putin wants to stoke fear in his military, who feel a gradual disenchantment and mass fatigue of ongoing events.

Tens thousands of dead, disabled people who have returned from Ukraine to russia deepen depression and another wave of “quiet” mobilization only increases these trends.

In particular, future articles of the updated Criminal Code of the russian federation equate to the high treason, deserting to the opponent      `s side during the armed conflict in which russia takes part, and threatens to deprive of the will of 12 to 20 years with a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles.

Under such circumstances, it is easier for the russian military to surrender, which means that regardless of their atrocities, the treatment is in accordance with all international conventions.

Ideological heirs of the ussr in putin’s russia brought tortures again to the temporarily occupied Ukrainian land, shot innocent without trial and investigation, forced deportations, filtration camps, mass persecution of political motives.

That is why Ukraine is struggling not only for the liberation of its land from russian invaders, but also for eradication of Stalin methods of the Great terror, as they can no longer remain a policy instrument in the 21st century.


  • 29 June, 2022

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