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Propaganda fakes in Dud’s film «A man during war»

Propaganda fakes in Dud’s film «A man during war»

The CCD at the NSDC of Ukraine informs that Yuriy Dud’s film about Ukrainian refugees received the expected criticism from propagandists and was lied about.

Yuriy recorded the film in Hungary, where his friend and her husband (also russians) help Ukrainians with housing and all household issues.

Link to post with fakes:


Fake 1. Ukrainians are not welcome abroad, and Estonia has generally limited entry to 50,000 people!

In fact, as of April 6, 27,000 refugees from Ukraine have already arrived in Estonia, and about 500 people come to the country every day.

This was announced by the Minister of Social Protection of Estonia Signe Riisalo.

According to her, many refugees do not know how long they are going to stay in Estonia. Many people want to return to Ukraine at the first opportunity. Some families with children have already done so, although the situation in the Motherland is still difficult!

Fake 2. Russia only destroys military facilities, but they protect civilian infrastructure and citizens!

As a fact, they use a supposed confirmation from Oleksiy Arestovych with a link to the russian Telegram channel Ura.ru

At the same time, Arestovych broadcasts live every day, where he talks about the shelling of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, houses and high-rise buildings. About the torture of the civilian population and cynical shelling and theft! It is clear that Oleksiy’s name should not have been written as an advocate for the crimes of the occupiers.

The text also denies shelling in Kharkiv, with the explanation that if 2/3 of the city had really been destroyed, such photos would fill the columns of all the world’s mass media.

On March 21, when the Russian army was still in the city, the mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov, announced during a TV marathon that since the beginning of the war, the occupiers had destroyed 972 houses, of which 778 were residential.

Fake 3. The Sviatohirsk Lavra was fired upon by the military of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and not the Lavra itself, but only the bridge to it, as it was in Irpen.

In fact, the attack was on the Lavra itself, it is also known about 2 seriously wounded and 30 with minor injuries.

The comment from Sviatohirsky Metropolitan Arseniy is only on the so-called “novorossiya” news portal. The metropolitan himself grew up in russia, served in the soviet army, and the Lavra itself is under the auspices of the moscow patriarchate.

Fake 4. The rocket that flew into a house in the village of Dergachi (Kharkiv region) is staged! The hole in the ceiling seems to be too small for the rocket to pass through, and the concrete blocks did not fall, even though they should have fallen if the rocket had not exploded.

In fact, the rocket hit the kitchen of the house and miraculously did not explode! And there were several such cases throughout Ukraine, and all the missiles, of course, were not russian, because this is direct evidence that their projectile landed on a civilian object!

Fake 5,6,7. Ukraine is shelling itself in order to later say how “bad” russia is. Examples: the bombing of the maternity hospital and the drama theater in Mariupol, the shelling of the railway station in Kramatorsk and all other and future shelling is all Ukraine’s work.

In reality, russia is planting in the heads of its citizens that Ukraine is really at war with itself. It bombs its own cities, kills its own people, robs its own citizens, but FOR SOME REASON, then all the stolen goods appear on russian Avito in the “For Sale” section.

  • 13 April, 2022

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