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CCD explains the term “misinformation”

CCD explains the term “misinformation”

Misinformation is an unconscious mistake and presentation of inaccurate or distorted facts. Misinformation is an unconscious mistake, and therefore does not have the same malicious intent as disinformation.

Misinformation can be spread even by professional journalists out of haste and a desire to be the first to report the news. The consequences are quick correction or deletion of the publication, refutation of information, which leads to a loss of trust of the target audience.

For example, the Novyny Live website published a story about the alleged suspension of passenger transportation by the railways under the following headline: “From January 11, Ukrzaliznytsia should stop passenger transportation: why”:


“Radio Track” and many other news sites reported the same news:


In reality, it was just a routine inspection of railroad transportation.

  • 12 April, 2023

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