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27 June 2024 |

Why putin promises to provide gas to the occupied Kherson region

russian propaganda is actively covering the meeting between russian dictator vladimir putin and Kherson gauleiter volodymyr saldo. The main topic of their conversation was supplying settlements in the occupied Kherson region with gas. With his promises to improve gas supplies to the occupied region, putin is trying to achieve several…

26 June 2024 |

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda in belarus. yuriy groerov

The CCD is continuing its series of reports on the leading figures behind anti-Ukrainian propaganda in belarus. One of the most notorious propagandists in the neighboring country is yuriy groerov, a TV host and the creator of a program on the belarusian state TV channel “BelTA”. He promotes narratives about…

26 June 2024 |

putin continues his attempts to discredit the Ukrainian peace formula

At the opening of the Primakov Readings in moscow, a message from the russian dictator was read to the forum participants, delivering yet more propaganda messages. Thus, putin expressed hope that those present would give “due attention” to his “new proposal for a peaceful settlement,” claiming that Western politicians had…

25 June 2024 |

Anti-Ukrainian propaganda in belarus. grigory azarenok

The CCD has conducted a study on belarus’s involvement in the information war against Ukraine and is starting a series of publications highlighting the key figures behind anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the neighboring country. One of the most well-known and dedicated propagandists of lukashenko’s regime is TV host grigory azarenok. ▫️…

25 June 2024 |

Why russia accuses Ukraine of terrorist attacks in Dagestan

russian propaganda is actively spreading the statement from the head of Dagestan, sergei melikov, about Ukraine’s alleged involvement in a series of terrorist attacks on June 23, targeting religious institutions and the police. ▫️ In his address to the residents of the region, melikov claimed that Ukraine had an interest…

24 June 2024 |

belarus continues to actively participate in the information war in support of russia

The belarusian regime is actively using all available media resources to spread propaganda aimed at discrediting Ukraine, justifying Lukashenko’s policies, and supporting russia’s actions. The CCD studied the information space in belarus and found that the main narratives include manipulations about a supposed military threat from Ukraine, dehumanization of the…

24 June 2024 |

Fake about cholera outbreak in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Enemy TG channels are spreading information about a cholera outbreak in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to propagandists, it happened in Kherson. Having verified the information with the Kherson Regional Military Administration, the Center reports that the message spread by the russians is not true and is another fake….

21 June 2024 |

The enemy intensified tension on the border with belarus

Enemy propaganda has intensified its information campaign to escalate tensions on the border with belarus. Today, the belarusian ministry of defense announced a surprise inspection of troop readiness. Shortly before this, russian Telegram channels actively circulated reports from belarusian border guards claiming that Ukraine is massing military equipment and personnel…

21 June 2024 |

russian propaganda launches campaign to discredit NATO summit

Enemy propaganda has launched a campaign to discredit the upcoming NATO summit scheduled for July 9-11, aiming to undermine Ukrainians’ trust in the Alliance. As part of the campaign, the following disinformation messages are being disseminated primarily through anonymous Telegram channels: ▫️ “Ukraine will not receive weapons as a result…

21 June 2024 |

Why russians compare Ukrainians to Nazis in school textbooks

The russian authorities continue to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda to children. Specifically, the russian duma has recommended adding content to school history textbooks that “draws parallels between the crimes of the Kyiv regime and the structures of the Nazis in the mid-20th century.” In this way, russia is trying to achieve…

20 June 2024 |

Why does russia continue its campaign to discredit the Ukrainian peace formula?

russian propaganda is actively spreading statements by russian foreign ministry spokesperson maria zakharova, emphasizing that moscow will not discuss the results of the Peace Summit. zakharova expressed the following propaganda messages: ▫️ “russia sees no point in discussing the Peace Formula, it is meaningless.”▫️ “The West wants to play the…

20 June 2024 |

Due to the war against Ukraine, Russia lacks resources to intimidate Europe

Finnish media report that russia did not follow through on threats made by putin after the country joined NATO. ◽️ The russian dictator claimed that russia would bolster its military presence near the Finnish border in response to the threat of NATO expansion. However, satellite imagery and intelligence data indicate…

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